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Katrinka's Journey

YA Fiction, Fantasy, Romance Book.

Cover design was based on the following description:

Kartinka .........a young lady 20 yrs old in search of fulfillment  independence and happiness. Her story in the 1960s takes her away from  Ubringa, an imaginary country between Azia and Europe, to different  parts of the world e.g. Argentina (tango/food/cooking) where she gets  confronted with herself and having to answer to others. But she has a  passion she's discovering and can't deny anymore...She is on a journey  to discover a new world with love, dance, friends, and food. She travels  by cruise ship and waves her past behind with her favorite scarf  (colors purple and orange matching the Viking treasure crystals they  found and which allowed her to take this journey now).

Client /

Crystal Fandango

Project Type /

Book Cover Design

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